Files Share Server(efilego) 3.2: Files share server, no need for client installing. It is a web based http server

Files Share Server(efilego) 3.2

files from your computer by internet browser( IE/Netscape/Opera/etc.) You can use it as a public file distribution server. It can send large files which email can not. It can send large attachments. The resuming download and multithread download make it much faster! Send files with this file share server and begin the free 15 day trial! Use it for sharing your pictures, videos, software(drivers) etc. Supports sharing files by resuming download and

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SizeExplorer Lite 3.7.3: Powerful disk space usage analyzer with folder size, charts and clickable report

SizeExplorer Lite 3.7.3

file distribution statistics and reports (by size, extension, type, date, etc.), search and filter, biggest files, file management, printing of file listing, compress into ZIP file, exports to Excel, html, xml and text files, etc. All the information provided by SizeExplorer Lite will help you manage your drives easily. You will be able to rapidly spot large files that may be useless, and you`ll have a good general view of the space usage distribution

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SimpleSend 3.3: Automatically send and synch files email, file copy or secure FTP

SimpleSend 3.3

file or email distribution lists automatically. Integrates with other applications via command line or runs as an unattended Windows service. SimpleSend features include: -Upload or synchronize files to an FTP server -Supports SSL for secure FTP transfers -Email files to one or several users -Copy and synchronize files via network file shares -Create file lists from a CSV file or any delimited text file -Connect to any database to create file lists

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SizeExplorer Pro 4.10: Powerful disk space usage analyzer with folder size, charts and clickable report

SizeExplorer Pro 4.10

Powerful disk space usage analyzer. It provides you with a complete set of tools to help you manage your disk space easily. Features include folder size, duplicates finder, graphical charts, file distribution statistics and reports, search and filter, biggest files, network support, snapshots, file management, printing of file listing, compress into ZIP file, Unicode support, exports to Excel, html, xml and text files, compare of snapshot, etc.

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Paquet Builder Create personalized, full-featured Self-Extracting 7-Zip Cabinet or Zip packages

Paquet Builder

files; modify file properties; work with variables; use If/Then conditionals or goto statements; display dialogs like readme, license agreement, info panel, wait messages, message boxes; execute program or document files; copy or manage files... - make localized for international distribution; - password protect files, add integrity checks, digitally sign your packages (code signing) with Microsoft Authenticode to secure your files; - select between

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Outlook Splitter 2.2: Outlook Splitter Tool for Splitting Attachments/Distribution lists/emails & All

Outlook Splitter 2.2

file, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 97 PST file. This Outlook splitter is commonly used for Outlook splitting attachments, Outlook split archive files, Outlook split PST files, Outlook split distribution lists, Outlook split email items and so on. Software efficiently performs Outlook splitting task and gives you following options to split Outlook PST file: Split PST file by Size: This option lets you split Outlook PST file by given size. You can provide

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install-us Professional 2007: Creates installations to distribute your applications with ease.

install-us Professional 2007

distribution media: + Diskettes + CD-Rom + Internet download (Self-Extracting-Setup, SFX) + Special assistant for user-friendly CD-ROM-start menus: + CD-Manager + International installations: + Install-us comes with language files for over 30 languages + File management: + Version check + Shared DLLs + Font Installation + Registration of file name extensions + Registration of ActiveX-servers (OCX) Configurations: + Component selective Uninstall +

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XFilemirror 1.4: XFilemirror is a file mirroring solution by Sibsoft.

XFilemirror 1.4

files from one file hosting to another. There`s also no need to keep your browser open during distribution (but it should be opened during upload). Once you get the download link - you can close the browser window, because the distribution process will be performed in the background. The good news is that there`s no need for a lot of disk space in the server, because the script does not keep uploaded files on disk. Uploaded files are instantly deleted

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Paragon NTFS for Linux 2.0

files, copy and create new files and folders. Everything absolutely transparently – just like with “native” Ext2FS, Ext3FS or ReiserFS file system. This download package is FREE and contains full functional Paragon NTFS for Linux drivers for the most popular Linux distributions with their default kernels only: Red Hat Enterprise 4 (SW), Fedora Core 4, Mandriva 10.2, SUSE 9.3. If you have any other Linux distribution or have already changed

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Microsoft PST File Recovery 3.2: Microsoft PST File Recovery Software to Fix Outlook PST files at SysTools

Microsoft PST File Recovery 3.2

files that are larger than 2GB. Microsoft PST File Recovery Software to scan the damaged personal folders (.pst) files and recover your mail messages, folders and other objects in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption. Take PST repair software recover Outlook distribution list members and deleted Outlook header. Try the DEMO version of Outlook Recovery tool free of cost for those users who want to analyze the software

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